Church Card Ministry

Have you ever wanted to start a church card ministry?

As a pastor, I’m starting to send more cards for pastoral care.  I’m sending thank you cards, thinking of you cards, praying for you cards, and cards inviting people to events at the church. Each time I send a card, it makes me feel good. And I love hearing how meaningful the cards are to those who receive them.

But I don’t want to be the only person sending cards. What I want to happen in my church is to develop a whole bunch of people sending cards.

We share prayer concerns during worship on Sunday morning. I’d love for several people to send cards to each of those that we pray for.

I want a number of people to send cards regularly to our shut-ins.

What if several of our members started sending cards to their friends inviting them to events like our monthly “Movie Night”?

And do you think the atmosphere of the church would change if people were consciously looking for thinks to thank others for?

During a rough patch a while back, one of my members sent me a card of encouragement. I read it over and over, and it still sits on my desk. The love she sent in that card continues to nourish me.

For our church card ministry, I’m going to set up gift accounts for individuals so that they will be able to go to the website, choose a card, add a personal message, and click “send,” all in less than five minutes.

What could be easier?

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